Practical Experience And Legal Knowledge Guiding You

Real Estate And Business Counsel From An MBA And Former Broker

At Richardson Law, PLLC, I provide comprehensive legal services to clients in personal and family issues as well as for business owners in creating, operating, and exiting their businesses or corporations. My name is Aubrey Richardson.

My Idaho law practice is backed by my real-world work experience as a former real estate agent and MBA graduate, where I engaged in the development, purchase, sale and operation of real property. I combine that practical experience with my legal knowledge and skill.

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As an attorney serving the greater Boise area, I create business strategies and practical solutions to your case. I base these on my real-world work background and understanding of the legal issues that can arise in anyone’s personal, family or business life. I am a former 15-year real estate agent and MBA graduate who combines these assets with legal knowledge and ability designed to help you reach the outcome you seek. To provide you with the best and most cost-effective representation possible, I will sometimes employ of counsel attorneys on your case.

Crating Practical Solutions Backed By Experience

I represent clients across a variety of practice areas. Many people and business entities come to me initially for real estate counsel but stay with me for years because I can advise them across many other areas. These include:

  1. Real estate transactions
  2. Business law
  3. Estate planning
  4. Probate and estate administration
  5. Family law

Having spent more than a decade in the real estate industry, I have a rare depth of insight about how to solve problems, not just lawyer them to death. The answer is not always litigation; sometimes, solutions require creative strategies.

Legal Advocacy For A Broad Range Of Clients

I represent the following clients:

  • Sole proprietors
  • Other business owners and managers
  • Real estate buyers, sellers, managers, agents, brokers, developers, owners and other parties involved in real estate matters
  • Individuals and families seeking customized estate plans involving wills, trusts and other legal documentation
  • Persons named and acting as personal representatives or executors of probated estates or other estate administration
  • Individuals seeking divorce and divorce-related or other family law-related services from child custody representation to help with support issues and more
  • Individuals and couples faced with financial insolvency who need bankruptcy solutions

I understand the need for practical and effective legal solutions designed to meet your unique needs and goals. As your lawyer, I will work diligently to provide you with efficient, cost-effective, and strategic representation applied to the particular facts and circumstances of your legal issue.

Find The Solutions You Need With My Assistance

Legal issues can be challenging, stressful and financially draining. When you need a legal partner to resolve issues as favorably as possible, I can provide the counsel and support you need as you move through the legal process. You will always have direct access to your attorney for questions, concerns, advice and advocacy. To get started, contact me to set up your consultation. You can reach me at 208-516-3773 and you can also send me an email.