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Practical Legal Strategies For Businesses Throughout The Treasure Valley

In today’s world with its economic ups and downs and the number of regulations to which businesses are subject, starting and running a business is a challenging prospect. This has proven especially true for small-business owners in recent years who have faced the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on their survival. That is just one example of an external threat that can have a major effect on the continuity of any business enterprise.

If you are a business owner or executive, you face challenges every day in managing the many aspects of your business, from hiring and firing of personnel, to daily transactions with clients, customers, patrons, and others, to maintaining supplies and supply lines, to working with vendors and other outside parties, and creating strategies to expand, thrive, sell, cash out or pass your business on to the next generation. At Richardson Law, PLLC, I understand the many and varied difficulties you may face as an owner, manager, employer, and provider of services, goods, or other products. I can provide practical legal help for business issues ranging from business formation to employee policy to licensing, contracts and more.

Hands-On Counsel For All Business Concerns

I can provide knowledgeable and skilled legal counsel for sole proprietors as well as business owners in issues such as:

  • Business formation: This involves how to structure your business, whether as a partnership, corporation or limited liability company.
  • Business governance: How you structure your business will lead to how your business will be managed, run and governed.
  • Contracts: I can help by negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts so as to cover all your needs and legal bases. When breach of contract occurs, I will negotiate or fight for a favorable outcome.
  • Employment: As an employer, you will be subject to local, state and federal employment laws. Compliance with these laws can be key in avoiding disputes with employees.
  • Regulatory compliance: Licensing, permits, and compliance with other governmental regulations must be maintained to avoid claims and penalties from governmental agencies.
  • Intellectual property: Protecting your intellectual property is vital. Trademarks, patents and copyrights may be necessary.
  • Taxation: Your business may be responsible for various kinds of taxes, from sales tax to property tax, payroll taxes, and more.
  • The sale and purchase of business/commercial property: This area of real estate law can be complex. You will want to ensure the protection of your investment.
  • Disputes and lawsuits: These can arise with employees, customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, franchisees and more. Having a trusted litigator in your corner may help you avoid or mitigate such disputes or claims as well as guide you through any settlement or court proceedings.

I am dedicated to helping your business from startup to managing daily operations to closing up shop when that day arrives. Creating, growing, and managing a business can be a complicated matter in which knowledgeable legal advice can make the difference between success or failure. I provide diligent and practical legal solutions based on the unique circumstances of your operation. If you have an issue that needs legal representation, I urge you to contact me today.

Work With A Knowledgeable Business Lawyer Today

No matter what issues you run into as you operate your company, you will need the counsel of a business law attorney. At Richardson Law, PLLC, I have the practical experience necessary to guide you through all the challenges your business faces. Contact my Boise office at 208-516-3773 or send me an email to schedule a consultation with me.